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21 March 2007 @ 02:36 am

AP (Associated Press)
"Polital Cartoonist On The Run"
Known political cartoonist Bob Downey (22) has gone into hiding after his latest piece "Welcome To Ireland" was published in TIME magazine. The cartoon has enraged the entire nation of Ireland, as well as Irish-Americans. The cartoon depicts a seemingly young Irishman brandishing a beer in one hand, and a stick of dynamite in the other.

Irish protesters have gathered around TIME magazine headquaters, and the artists home in Valencia, CA. The peaceful protests turned ugly when the crowd began hurling potatoes at security forces. Crowd Control squads were sent in to neutralize the threat.

The artist has released this statement: "I was exercising my right to free speech, my piece is a satirical observation of Irish stereotypes, it was never my intention to offend. If you are offended, get a sense of humor."

Irish local Timmothy O'Donovan had this to say, Translation: "Downey comes from Irish descent, he is a self-hating Irishman. For this humiliation, he will pay."

The Irish government has vowed to find Downey, and punish him for his "smart assedness".

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